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This is your story. It is the story the starts at the beginning of time. You were there. Do you remember? Humans are so enjoyable to watch because you are so unpredictable. It is true. You are a fun lot. In heaven we don’t have nearly as much fun as all of you. It is so special to be able to communicate through the vessel called Carla. She has been asking to fulfill her purpose for so long now. Now we can say that it is finally time. Wow, that has taken so much patience on her part. We are proud of her. She has known for quite some time that there was more for her to do and now she can get busy! If any of you wish to speak to me, Mother Mary, you can ask Carla to translate for you. She has been gifted with the skill of channeling and is now ready to use it. This has been a long time in coming. She has been cooling her heals for years but now can kick them up because she is ready to talk!
All of you have found some things to keep you busy through the years but none of you have been so thrilled with your activities that you would not welcome a change. Well change is at hand and you will soon be discovering all of your latent abilities, as well. What a fantastic time to celebrate the human race. Just as you all thought that the world would end, it becomes new again. Glory!
Much will change as in the way you live. You will live more communally and not as such small groups. You will ban together in communities of light. It is a spectacular sight to see. When you all come together the light is almost blinding. You don’t see it yet but you soon will. And when you do, you will not be able to stop looking at yourselves! You will realize how wonderful you truly are! All of you. Even the people that you call bums now will look to you like Gods. It is true because each of you is God. Does that shock or offend you? I am sorry if it does but that is the truth.
We will start having these talks on a regular basis and I am asking Carla to start posting these discussions on line. That is a scary thing for her because is used to hiding. But hiding she will no longer do! Neither should you be hiding. Do you know what jewels of light are buried behind all of that doubt and mistrust! It is a miracle that you have not killed each other off but I am so glad you did not because there is so much to be redeemed in all of humanity. This has been a wild experiment of trust and faith. You all have done quite well in moving forward our awareness of what is possible. You have done this by being yourselves there on earth. It was the veil that made this experience possible. If you knew all then, you would not have been so creative. Your creativity is endless and it has astounded us! We could never have thought up the things that you have dreamed of! Of course this is true because you are the best of us. You have seeds from all life everywhere and you reflect that in all that you say and do. It will become more interesting to see where you expand to, from here. This will start to change after the new year. All of this talk about 2012 has not been in vein. It will be an interesting time. Please do not panic. We love you all and we don’t want to see anything happen to you that is bad. Sometimes things must change for you to see the truth of a situation. This is true of the coming new year. Things will change, like the tides of the ocean will shift. They will change course to a degree and it will cause some problems but you will over come. This is not a time to focus on problems. They are just created for shadow effects anyway. You don’t really need problems but they make things so interesting! When will you stop creating them? I don’t know the answer to that but I hope it is soon. Because I am looking forward to seeing the flip side of that coin. There is so much beauty and light to see in your future. Will you start now? Will you make up your mind to do that? That would be great if you could.
One thing that I want to talk to you about before I go, for now, is the cost of doing business as usual. You are sacrificing the youth to continue with greed filled ways. Please consider loving them enough to share the resources you are given and that are found. Nothing should be off limits in terms of inventions or ways to make things better. If you trust that you are held, then all will be all right no matter how you change up the mix of power. You will all get what you need. Please share nicely with others. I love you all dearly. This is Mother Mary saying goodbye for now. Many Blessings from home. May you learn to bring home to you instead of us bringing you here.


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