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2012-09-09 01:42 pm

Tip for Living Consciously

Everyone can live more consciously when they find a technique that is comfortable for them to access the sacred space in the heart and join with their Higher Self . When you join with your Higher Self in your heart, you have access to all knowledge and wisdom. You can ask for and receive impeccable guidance, on any subject. The guidance we receive from our mind comes from the ego. The ego is useful and necessary but it can also be affected by external sources or erroneous beliefs, whereas the Higher Self cannot.

A person can develop a relationship with their Higher Self by using meditation, breathing techniques or seeking out a spiritual teacher that can lead them through the experience.
Purification of the body is equally important. Drink the purest water possible, eat the cleanest, unprocessed foods and get exercise that encourages you to notice signals from your body. The body never lies. Be grateful to your body for its service to you and thank it for the opportunities to heal, that it presents. Carla Forsyth www.heartselfhealing.com, carla@heartselfhealing.com. 973-960-8225